How to join

Membership of the Association is governed by the Articles of Association and is limited to one member organisation per country.

To be eligible for membership the applicant organization must be linked to maritime or naval activities in one way or another, and be prepared to abide by the concepts of the ISCA laid down in the Articles of Association.

Prospective members make application to the Chair of the ISCA, additional members may be granted membership by the Conference, but a two-thirds majority vote of the Conference attendees is required for acceptance.

The current leadership of ISCA will be found on the Contact page of this Website.  

Membership of the ISCA incurs no direct financial cost to the members organizations. However funds may be applied for at the Annual Conference to cover a special project.

Within the framework of the ISCA, member organizations may conduct bi-lateral or multi-lateral business, without reference to the other ISCA members, but should make all members aware of activity which may be of general interest.